Friday, April 21, 2017

Making a "mean" lemonade out of people who are lemons...

Today's post is not about mean comments directed at me.  I have been pretty lucky.  I haven't gotten too many mean comments, even though I've been writing online for years.  I imagine if I did live videos or posted more pictures of myself, I might get more mean comments.  People can be extremely cruel, especially if you happen to have severe appearance deficits or are significantly overweight.

I first encountered Boogie2988 a couple of nights ago, when I was watching videos about those people in Maryland who were posting "prank" videos and getting a lot of negative feedback from their viewers.  Boogie made a video about them, which autoplayed after I watched one done by another person.

Since YouTube tends to suggest videos done by the people whose channel you've already watched, I soon found myself getting more links to Boogie's stuff.  One of his videos had an intriguing title...  "Reading Mean Comments".

I gotta hand it to Boogie.  He's really got a good sense of humor.

People are unbelievably mean.  Boogie is a very obese guy, which he is all too willing to acknowledge.  While I'm sure some of these comments are hurtful, he manages to be funny when he reads them.  I admire that in a person.  He truly has a thick skin.

And, as you can see, the success of the first video spawned a second...

I have absolutely no desire to be on camera.  I get really nervous when a camera is focused on me.  But this guy is a natural.  He does voices and is absolutely at home behind a mic.  I used to do radio when I was in my 20s and I was pretty good at that.  But turn a camera on me and I get mental and very self-conscious.  Boogie is friendly, outgoing, engaging, and confident.  That's why he has so many people watching him.

I guess "Francis" is one of Boogie's imaginary friends?

I enjoy people who are able to take something bad and turn it into something good.  Boogie took cruel, nasty, mean-spirited comments and made them into comedy gold.  He's probably laughing all the way to the bank!  Good for him!


  1. I wish I were, by nature, more self-deprecating.

    1. You are what you are and that's not a bad thing.


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