Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter weekend... when all of Germany goes on holiday...

We have reached one of the biggest religious holidays of the year.  It's Easter weekend, and that means that today, Sunday, and Monday are holidays.  There will be no shopping today, although a lot of restaurants and museums will probably be open.  People will be staying home, which means that we're supposed to be quiet.  No lawn mowing is allowed and, if you're sharing walls with people, you probably shouldn't do laundry or vacuum... or hammer anything.  Germans can be very strict about noise control, which is one thing I like about living here.  On the other hand, I'm also glad that we have nice neighbors who don't raise hell or get really upset if you do.

I finally finished watching 7th Heaven, which is an extreme relief.  I moved on to Doc Martin, a quirky British show I got hooked on when we first moved here a couple of years ago.  It is set in Cornwall, a part of England I would love to visit someday, and is about a surgeon who developed a phobia of blood.  He's rude and dismissive, but an excellent physician, so the locals tolerate him.  And he's tormented by an unwanted dog who keeps trying to bond with him.

I'm feeling somewhat more hopeful today than I was a few days ago.  It looks like there may be some options for us come this summer...  and maybe we won't have to move or go into the poorhouse after all.  We'll see what happens.  I'm not going to jinx it by writing too much on my blogs.  Let's just say I'm trying to keep the faith and praying I don't end up having to whore myself.  Not that anyone would want to pay me for whoring.  I just enjoy tormenting Bill by suggesting the idea.

I'm still trying hard to finish a book I started reading about Donald Trump.  It was originally published in the early 90s, I think, and was recently put back in circulation since he became 45.  I'm sure back in the early days after this book was published, people were shocked by how it portrayed Mr. Trump.  Now that he's in office, it seems somewhat more believable, sad as that is.  I remember the days when I could breeze through a book quickly.  Unfortunately, those days seem to be gone, unless it happens to be an unusually readable book.  I blame the fact that I have an iPad and read a lot of stuff on it.  I get distracted by the Internet.

The sky is heavy with clouds today.  I know I should get dressed and walk the dogs.  I can't be bothered right now.  Actually, I've been kind of hoping for some rain.  I feel like staying in and making some music, not that anyone pays much attention to my musical pursuits.  It's good for the soul and makes me feel better about the world.  On the other hand, since it's a holiday, I'm probably not supposed to make music.

But... as the old Sting song goes, it's probably going to be a case of "Heavy Cloud, No Rain".

I relate to this song today.

*Sigh*...  well, we'll see what we end up doing this weekend.  Hopefully, we'll manage to do something fun, even if it is a holiday.

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