Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ah Easter... a time of renewal...

Since I met Bill, Easter has always been kind of a special time of year for us.  It was Easter Sunday in 2000 that Bill's former wife decided to drop divorce papers on him.  She did it while they were visiting Bill's father and stepmother.  Bill's ex stepson and daughters were also in tow.  Father-in-law and his wife had taken them out for ice cream while Bill and his ex "talked".

There they sat, alone in Bill's dad's house.  Ex had the divorce papers in hand.  She had drawn them up herself and found a notary open on Easter.  The weeks leading up to this event had been horrible, or so Bill told me.  He cried when she told him he might make a good husband and father to another family.  But she hadn't expected him to agree to sign the divorce papers.  When he acquiesced, she got very upset and locked herself in the guest room, where she sat alone and cried.

On that day, it probably felt like the world was ending.  But looking back on it, that's actually the day Bill's life began to improve for the better.  For one thing, he already knew me online and we were friends.  For another thing, it meant finally taking back his life and being able to make decisions for himself that were in his best interest and *sane*.

Well... it's Easter again and we're coming up against changes.  These changes don't involve divorce or anything regarding family, but they might affect our lives in a significant way.  Or they might not.  They may lead to better things, or they may lead to worse things.  

Funny enough, I was looking at Facebook's On This Day feature today.  I see that three years ago, I posted this video...


Well, they gave him his walkin' papers today… George Carlin said he was fired from a lot of jobs, but no one ever gave him walkin' papers. Instead, they came around and said…

Three years ago, Bill started clearing out of the Army, preparing for his retirement.  At the end of April 2014, he went on "terminal leave".  We spent a couple of anxious months figuring out what was coming next.  He interviewed with a couple of companies and went to a few job fairs.  Finally, on my birthday, he got a job offer in Germany and, a few weeks later, over the pond we came with Zane and Arran.  In the midst of that, my father died.  July 2014 was one of the worst months of my life.  But it was also the month that things began to improve.

Well... it seems that Bill's company lost its contract and a new company is coming in to take over.  It's pretty likely this will only mean that Bill will have a different employer.  But there is a chance that it will mean he'll be looking for a new job, which could mean another move... or not.  

This is not necessarily bad news, per se.  The contract Bill was working under had some significant issues.  But it's always stressful when a big change comes up.  And again, it's July when these changes will be taking place.  July usually sucks for me for some strange reason.  But then, sucky July usually leads to better times.  Hopefully, that will be true this year.

I just bought Bill a bunch of new ties and pants, too.  I suppose they'll come in handy as we figure out what's coming next.     


  1. You know the old saying, when God closes a door, He sometimes opens a window. I hate that saying, but once in awhile something good does come of something previously thought of as bad. Where the Lt. col. was concerned, he just needed to get away from the witch even if he didn't know it at the time. Fortunately she handed him divorce papers. She apparently wasn't sincere in wanting a divorce, but he called her bluff and the rest is history.

    1. Yeah, that whole situation turned out great in the long run. I am hoping this new situation will turn out similarly.


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