Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Abusing your kids on film for fun and profit...

Since I'm going to be alone until tomorrow evening, I have time for another blog entry.  I probably don't need to write much about this particular situation, since it's already gone viral.  But, what the hell?  It's either this or karaoke...

Meet the Martins.  They live in Maryland and they have five adorable and bright kids.  They also have a YouTube channel.  I was blissfully unaware of this family's existence until a couple of days ago, when a college friend (not the one from my previous post) shared a video this family made.

In this video, mom giggles as she explains how they are going to "prank" one of their kids, who evidently once got in trouble for spilling ink on the carpet.  His very "clever" parents bought some invisible ink and poured it on the carpet, then called the boy to the room.  The parents proceeded to scream and yell at the kid, using all manner of vile language.  If the kids knew it was a prank, it definitely wasn't obvious to the viewers.  They must be gifted actors.  On the other hand, since this family has a whole channel devoted to "pranks", maybe they did know. 

Anyway, a lot of people viewed the video and got upset.  It got shared many times and now people are deluging the Facebook page run by the child welfare agency in their county.  The family seems very puzzled that people have responded the way they have.  They even posted a video explaining themselves.  They ask their kids on camera if they are in any way traumatized.  Naturally, they all deny being upset by the fact that their parents pull this shit, film it, and share it with the world.  And, for all I know, that is how they really feel... or maybe not.

I see that they even posted a new video yesterday about going to Disney, which I haven't watched.  But apparently the fallout over their invisible ink prank has been "devastating".   Just a few hours ago, they posted this video, claiming to be "destroyed over false aquisations" [sic].  They admit that the videos are fake and they do all of this simply for YouTube fame and "revenue".  

Well, I have only watched a few minutes of their most recent video.  They do appear to be genuinely upset by what has happened.  And while I can empathize with them being upset, I have to wonder where the hell they've been?  We now live in a society where parents get in trouble with CPS simply for letting their kids walk home alone from school or a park.  What made the Martins think they could post this stuff on YouTube, act like it was real, and not get backlash?  

I'll tell you what.  I am not one to get too upset over profanity.  After all, I did rant about the mom who was arrested for dropping the f-bomb in front of her kids.  But I have to admit that even I was shocked by the filthy language this couple was using in their video in front of their kids, as well as the screeching and shrieking.  It may have been a fake prank, but it was damn sure convincing.  And I cannot imagine a parent with a lick of sense thinking this was a good idea.  At the very least, they are guilty of exercising horrible judgment and being incredibly immature, which makes me wonder what the hell else goes on in their house.  At the very most, they are just as abusive and sick as they appear to be in the couple of videos I've seen them do.  

Look... I don't want to see any family broken up.  I think it's very sad when people lose their kids to CPS.  I even think divorce is sad, even though I personally benefited from Bill's divorce.  But dammit, folks, if you have children, you need to use your head.  It is risky to make videos involving your kids that appears to put them at risk.  People will call the authorities and they will feel perfectly justified in doing so.  Moreover, if you're on YouTube famewhoring, you better be careful about what you put out there.  Because you may very well end up with much more than you ever bargained for, especially if what you're doing involves kids.  We do not live in a world where people will just gawk and move on to their next station on the Internet.  And, sorry, but these kids DO appear to be abused. If they are acting, they are brilliant actors.  

What really strikes me about the Martins' latest video is that they are clearly shocked and upset.  They blame some guy named DeFranco, who apparently made a video about them and/or alerted authorities.  I could go and check it out, but that would take time out of my busy day.  And I have more time than the average person does and probably care more.  But, you see?  People are going to react to what you put out there.  Not for nothing, but these people act like they need to be investigated.   

People react to stuff I post.  I get hate mail sometimes.  Fortunately, I have no children that anyone can claim I'm abusing.  If I did, I'd probably be afraid to write much about them.  It's dangerous to do that in this day and age.  Lots of people are ready to call CPS for whatever infraction they think someone's committed.  Folks, to be honest, I think there is something really off about parents who are more concerned with YouTube fame and ad revenue than the welfare and privacy of their kids.  I don't know enough about the people involved to say for sure what has happened.  But I don't buy that this family isn't way fucked up.  Many people who have seen those videos have reacted viscerally to the footage.  Why?  Because a lot of viewers have been there themselves.

I watch this family and I see people destined for Dr. Phil's studio.  Or maybe, if the show was still airing, they might go on Wife Swap.  It doesn't make me think they are winning at the child raising game.

Edited to add... More on this... although I don't know that the kids' bio mom is necessarily going to be better.  There is a reason why she lost custody.  It's not so common for dads to get it... although at this point, it's hard to know exactly where the truth lies.  And if this man is a narcissistic monster, maybe he really did con his ex wife.  Who knows?


  1. So many people have been done in by those bleeping false aquisitions. LOL. I agree that these parents' judgment is off to the point that it sends up red flags all over the place.

    1. I think they are in some pretty serious trouble now. They have deleted most of their videos. It's kinda like closing the barn door after the horse is already gone, though.


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