Saturday, September 19, 2015

My husband's former wife is apparently also overeducated...

For the last six years or so, I have tried not to look up my husband's ex wife on the Internet.  I find that no good ever comes from my explorations because anything I find usually pisses me off.  Today is no exception.

I spent most of this morning and early afternoon feeling a little down.  I won't get into what's getting me down because it's stupid and not all that important.  I have too much time on my hands and I think too much about things that probably either won't happen or I can't control.  But anyway, about an hour ago, I rose from the dead and went to my computer.  In a moment of weakness, I searched for Bill's ex wife and I found her.

The first hit was for a Twitter account, which she has either taken down or blocked me from viewing. The Twitter account has an attached photo, reminding me that Bill married up when he married me (not that marrying up was hard to do).  Next, I see that Ex is now billing herself as an expert on autism and even claims to have a graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorders, despite having five children (three of which are apparently "on the spectrum"-- curiously, until recently, only two were on the spectrum).  She writes her name with her "academic credentials" after it.

Now...  having been to graduate school myself, I have a hard time believing she has achieved all she claims.  Graduate school is demanding, costs money, and takes time.  Bill has been working on his second master's degree for three years, doing it all online.  I completed two master's degrees after three full years of dedicated effort and constant coursework.  Even with the combined degree program, it was a lot of work and we're still paying off the loans.  I earned 84 credits in grad school and another six in undergrad prerequisites.  Ex supposedly earned a bachelor's degree in "interdisciplinary studies" at a school not known for liberal arts education.  I can't imagine what reputable grad school would want to accept her for a master's degree in education (especially since she dropped out of high school and got a GED), though I suppose it's possible.   

For all I know, she really did earn the letters she types beyond her name.  I really don't know.  Like I said, most of the time, I don't search for information about her.  When I do, it inevitably leads to my peace going out the window.

One thing I did find interesting is that in her post, which she made in July of this year, she claims in all caps that she moved clear across the country so that she could access services for her three children on the autism spectrum (remember previously, she only claimed two).  One of those "kids" is my husband's older daughter, who was a legal adult when they moved.  We both know that when older ex daughter was growing up, her mother called her "stupid" and referred to her as the "dragon baby".  Early in our relationship, before she knew Bill was dating, she sent Bill an email about how she didn't know what she was going to do with older ex daughter because she was so "dumb" and was probably going to be held back a grade in school (that is, when she allowed her to attend school).  Now that she's an "autism expert", oldest daughter is part of her "cause".  She includes her now 24 year old daughter in her claims to fame in the autism community...  a young woman who was never helped by her mother during her formative years.  

I will confess that there was a time during my online writing career that I used the initials for my master's degrees after my name in my byline.  I did that because I was being credited as a health writer and the editors wanted to have those credentials established.  I later removed the letters because they made me feel uncomfortable.  Clearly, Ex doesn't have that problem.

Why would someone with such esteemed credentials move clear across the country solely so that she could access services for her three autistic kids (she claims) instead of staying in the community she "loves" (and where she claims she has friends and family)?  If you have an advanced degree in education, as she says she does, and you're so fucking intelligent and community minded, why wouldn't you stay and try to effect change in your community?  Why uproot your family, especially your kids with autism, and move them to somewhere so far away?

And why earn a degree in education when you don't work in the field?  It's not like she's in a situation like mine.  I married into the military and constant moves six months out of grad school.  Ex's current victim doesn't require her to move every two years or so and they've been together for years.  Hell, for most of their marriage, Bill was paying their bills and #3 sat on his ass playing video games.  Now he supposedly has a "great" job and is able to support their family on just his salary.  This, despite Ex's frequent medical problems, financial issues, penchant for buying Swiss Colony treats and Disney plates, and sudden graduate school education, which I highly doubt she got a scholarship to pursue. 

I mean, come on... if you can go to graduate school and earn, not just a bachelor's degree and master's degree in record time, but also a graduate certificate, while raising a passel of five kids by three different fathers (two of whom apparently did you so fucking wrong that you had to go to great toxic lengths to prevent them from having relationships with said kids, even though you willingly got on your back and spread your legs to conceive them with said men), you can surely get on a committee or get involved in a local lobby to get your precious kids' autism needs addressed, right?  Obviously, a supermom like you can do that. /sarcasm

I dedicate this song to Ex... although unlike Jesus, she really is a fraud.

I hate her.  I really do.  I know I shouldn't.  I should let this go and not think about her.  But I swear, she is a demon from hell.  And using your kids' autism to make a name for yourself, not that I think she's actually managed to do that, is just a disgustingly narcissistic thing to do.  In fact, I really worry about any kids who might be in her line of fire that could be affected or influenced by her.  She is a highly toxic and manipulative person who lies.  But as long as she's not in my way, I shouldn't care.  I really shouldn't.  The karma bus will catch up to her.  I just wish I could be there to see her get run over by it.    


  1. If the number of kids and ages matched up, I'd swear i knew this woman in person.

    Hate is not a constructive emotion. Nevertheless, I admit to hating a few people. (There are lots of people I hate on a shorteterm basis, but I get over it, but there are a few that will probably always be on my hate list. we're human.

    IIIIII wish there were a registry for certifications whereby anyone could look up a person's supposed teaching credentil, nursing registration, mental health cetification, or whatever. If these people can use the letters after their name either t make money or to claim expertise, the rest of us shuld be able to know the legitimacy of the claims of the certification. Hell, for that matter, I thik the same shuld even be true of college degrees. A person's address or other identifying info need not be given out, but the name and where and when the certification and/or degree was obtained should be public record IMO.

    If she has any qualifications whatsoever, she probably paid $75 in a diploma mill online. she's probably also an ordained minister who can perform weddings.

    I once babysat for a bimbo who, once she learned I had applied for med school, said SHE was going to go to ed school to earn her MD and medical license, in addition to a pedatric specialty, so that she could better care for her two daughters. (She didn't even have a bachelor's degree.) i tried to explain that if she really did this, during the time she would be in med school and would be terribly busy would be the time her daughters needed her most, and she would essentially be absent from their lives. I also explained that the pedatric specialty was a moot point as far as her own daughters were concerned, because they would be young adults by the time she completed her residency in pediatrics after doind her internship and med school, never mind the fact that it would probably take AT LEAST four years to finish the prerequisites even be admitted to med school. she still insisted she was going to do this. she's about as crazy as bill's ex. i only babysat for her twice. she stiffed me the second time, and i am ot stiffed more than once by the same person.

    it's probably good that I don't know who Bill's ex is because I'd probably obsess over her.

    1. She is a fruitcake. Be glad you don't know her. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, though. :). She didn't used to care about her education until the one time I wrote to her nine years ago.


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