Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jessa shows her ass...

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that Jessa Seewald is having a really hard time with the sudden downturn her family has experienced.  Yesterday, it was all over the news that Jessa posted on her Web site 100 wedding photos that had been previously unavailable to the public.  This happened just days after cousin Amy (aka Famy) got married.

Now, I'm no fan of Amy's.  I had a good guffaw when I read her declarations of how she couldn't wait to change her name.  This is the same woman who changed her name from Jordan to Duggar, no doubt in a bid to promote her "singing career".  Now she wants her husband's name so she can distance herself from the disastrous Duggars... and sorry, Amy, but even if your name is legally King now, you are forever a Duggar and the press will continue to address you as such.  It's taken them over a year to start referring to Jessa and Jill by their married names.  I'm not sure they will ever stop calling Kate Middleton by her maiden name (though maybe that's the way Kate likes it... who knows?).

But... damn, Jessa?  Can you be more obvious in your desperation to stay in the spotlight?  Why would you pick September to post a bunch of wedding photos when your anniversary is in November?  Why would you pick three days after Famy's wedding to do it?  Are you trying to upstage your cousin, who on her best day, was a peripheral cast member of 19 Kids and Counting?  I mean, it's not like she was ever a threat to you.  People don't take her seriously.  They don't take you seriously, either, but more guys probably fantasize about you than Famy.

Amy reminds me so much of one of my own cousins... 

It's not that Famy isn't herself guilty of being tacky.  A few months ago, she made the news when she and her husband commented about how TLC wasn't going to film their nuptials.  She posted information as to how and where her fans could send designer wedding gifts.  Tacky... tacky... tacky...

And even Amy admits that the wedding went from "classy to trashy real quick..." when it came time for the party.  Boob probably couldn't deal with the prospect of hardening dicks when people started to dance, so he and his family split before it got too rowdy.

I dunno.  I just remember when this family came into vogue back in 2004 and they've just turned into a neverending train wreck since then.  I think Jessa's decision to post wedding photos is an obvious bid to steal her cousin's thunder.  Doesn't seem very Christlike to me.  But what do I know about Christ, anyway?

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