Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Bill and I don't have any big plans for today.  As I write this, he's downstairs cooking breakfast.  He was going to make Eggs Benedict, but I told him I wanted grits.  So I think he's making our usual Saturday morning breakfast of eggs, biscuits, bacon, and the best damn grits ever.  Seriously.  I order them from Amazon and I will post a link to the bottom for those who are curious.  They are off the chain awesome.

We have a very puny smattering of gifts under the tree because I got a late start ordering them and a few haven't yet gotten here.  It did occur to me to buy stuff locally, but Bill requested work clothes and it's easier to order clothes from American vendors.  That way, I stand a better chance of getting him the right sizes and styles.

I made bread yesterday and we sat around listening to music, talking, and drinking beer.  I imagine there will be more of the same today.

In other news, I just discovered this bit of brilliance.

Anyone else need a taco?

This amazing song was composed by none other than the super talented Sponjetta Parrish of America's Got Talent fame.  Check it out.

I have to admit, this lady is good at coming up with catchy hooks, even if her lyrics are a bit inane.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.  Bill has summoned me to the table, so off I go.

These grits are sooooo good!!!


  1. Merry Christmas, knotty. We're just doing the local "family" thing todday. Next weel we'll get tpgether with my Godparentss (and aunt/uncle) in central CA.

  2. Hope it's fun! I've been in my nightie all day.

  3. Sponjetta... now I know what I've been missing since I gave up the tv! :oD

    Merry Christmas, Knotty & Bill. Sounds like you've got some good neighbors and dog catchers there! ;o)


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