Thursday, December 4, 2014

God, please don't let me have strep throat...

Soooo...  the past few days, I've been dealing with a swollen area of my gum that might or might not be an abscess.  I say this because there's not been a lot of pain or fever, just some swelling and a little bleeding.  Last night, I brushed my teeth and it almost felt like maybe the swelling went down to almost normal again.  But then, sometime in the middle of the night, I started feeling perpetually thirsty like I do when I'm getting sick.

All day, I've been drinking water, trying to slake my "thirst", which I think is actually a scratchy throat.  I feel like I do right before I get the flu or a cold.  Kind of achy and slightly feverish...  I thought maybe it had to do with my gum, but then my cousin's mom said that my cousin has strep throat.  I did give the boy several hugs over Thanksgiving and there were many people in the house, including the organizer, who works with little kids for a living...

*Sigh*  This is just what I need.

Bill is going to Chad again on Sunday.  I don't have a dentist or a doctor yet.  I suppose if I get really sick, I can appeal to someone for help.  Last time I had strep throat was back in the 90s and I got really sick, complete with a 102 degree fever and vomiting.  Hopefully that is not what is in store for me now...

As for my gum/tooth, I know I need a dentist.  We are trying to hold out for our insurance to kick in on January 1.  If I have to go in sooner, of course I will.

I'm mostly done blogging about our trip to Virginia, so I guess I'll get back to my usual ranting... that is, if I'm not knocked over by some bacterial bug in the next couple of days.  Our trip to Virginia turned out to be a lot of fun and I'm glad I went, despite all the pre-emptive bitching I did.  The thing is, I never know if we're going to have a good time or a bad time when it comes to hanging around my sisters.

Speaking of rants and sisters, today's news is that Jessa Seewald may now be pregnant.  Notice, I wrote "may"...  This is an actual news item.  Not Jessa Seewald is pregnant-- Jessa Seewald may be pregnant.  Fabulous.

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