Friday, April 18, 2014

They don't make 'em like this anymore...

I really recommend watching this clip...

In this clip, George Jefferson throws an engagement party for his son, who is marrying Jenny Willis.  He invites Archie and Edith Bunker over and they are on hand to see George's reaction when he finds out Jenny's the product of an interracial relationship.

I haven't seen this kind of comedy in years.  Yes, the n-word is said openly, since this clip is from 1974 and back then, they'd say all kinds of racist things on TV…  Here, they do it intelligently, poking fun at the racism that was very prevalent back then in a way that wasn't overly politically correct.

I went to see the dentist today.  Had to get a cleaning, although I also have a big canker sore that hurts like the dickens.  Bill was with me.  Afterwards, we went to an eye doctor's office and I made an appointment to get my eyes checked on Saturday so I can get more contact lenses.  That ought to take care of my healthcare needs for awhile, barring any catastrophes.

Speaking of catastrophes, on the way home, we witnessed a somewhat bad fender bender.  It was rush hour and some dipshit in a big SUV was trying to dart in and out of traffic.  He very nearly hit us and did actually rear end some poor woman making her way down 1604 Loop.  At first it looked like he was going to hit and run, but he pulled over.  I saw her pull over too.  She looked really pissed, as well she should have been.  The guy was totally at fault, driving like an idiot.

The dentist gasped when she saw my canker sore.  It hurts.

Bill gets one night in New York next week, then will come home on Thursday night, after he meets everyone.  After that, we should have more of an idea of what might come next.  I get the sense that the interview will go well, though.  They seem keen to have Bill… so I hope it works out for the best.


  1. Sending good luck to the Lt. Col., not that he will need it.

    1. Thanks Alexis! I think he will enjoy himself.


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