Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The pain of job hunting...

So Bill got the bad news yesterday that the people in New York didn't choose him for the job he was interviewing for.  He got a call from the recruiter yesterday morning, which I thought was very respectful.  Usually, where there's a rejection, they send a letter or an email.  Anyway, the recruiter encouraged Bill to stay in touch, because they company has other divisions that could use his skills.  In fact, both recruiters he dealt with were in touch with him and one said she would send his resume directly to the Seattle office.  All in all, I'd say as rejections from employers go, this one was very kind and personal.

Still, Bill was upset about it, so he spent a good portion of yesterday applying to more jobs and setting up a few other things.  I brought up to him that even if he had gotten the job, he actually has a lot going on right now.  He's going to visit his dad and stepmother this weekend because it's his dad's birthday.  He has to finish his classes for the cyber security program he's been working on for two years and those won't be done until late June.  We were hoping to take a "hop", though we may not do that if it looks like his looming unemployment will be extended.  I have no wish to go bankrupt.    

Bill also needs to have a sleep study done because he has symptoms of sleep apnea.  This is a pretty serious thing.  My dad has had sleep apnea for years and he's had five sleep studies, plus laser surgery that removed his uvula.  Bill's symptoms are not as bad as my dad's were.  For instance, my dad snores loudly enough to wake the dead.  I used to be able to hear him through the walls.  Bill doesn't snore much at all.  However, he does sometimes wake up gasping and sputtering for breath and most nights, he's pretty useless after about 8:30pm.  He also has a hard time staying asleep.  He always has.

A lot of it is probably from anxiety and the residual trauma of life with his ex wife and abandonment by his kids.  Some of it might be from his time in Iraq, though he's had trouble sleeping the whole time we've been married.  Sometimes he has nightmares.  If it turns out Bill has sleep apnea, the Army will issue him a CPAP machine and he'll automatically get 50% disability rating, which could be a great thing in terms of his job search.  Being that "disabled" gives him a hiring preference for government jobs.

Another job fair is coming up soon, too.

This was just the first job interview/rejection, though, and I fear it's going to be tough going.  At least my teeth are fixed.  

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