Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Signing out of Fort Sam...

So Bill is taking care of his "final out" at Fort Sam today.  He has to sign his last evaluation and then after that, he's done except for his retirement ceremony and getting us new ID cards that reflect his retired status.  It's a little sad, yet exciting.  I think this could be a good time in Bill's life.  Last time he got out of the Army (back in 1995), he was not at all prepared and saddled with the dead weight of his ex wife.  This time, he's a lot more ready, even if the economy is worse.

Tomorrow morning, he flies to New York City and Thursday, he interviews.  Hopefully, it will go well.  I think if this firm offers him a job, he will probably take it.  It will give him valuable experience in a growing and hot field.  It will also mean moving to a part of the country he knows he loves…  or at least, it may mean that.  Of course, he might also be rejected.  I don't think he will be, though.  This company seems very interested in him and they seem to need people.  LOL… what do I know?

Anyway, at the very least, we want to move to a new house.  It could be in San Antonio or elsewhere.  We just don't want to live here.  This house is in poor shape and located in kind of a yucky neighborhood.  I also think it's overpriced.

My mouth is slowly getting back to normal.  I had terrible canker sores last week, but they are slowly going away… I think it was a hormonal thing.  I also took my blood pressure yesterday.  It does seem a bit higher than it was, though it's not yet dangerously high.  I need to take some steps to lower it, though.  Exercise and less beer drinking would help.  When we lived in North Carolina, I had to walk my dogs every day several times a day.  Here, I can just let them go outside.  I think that's had a big effect on me.

I'm trying to relax and enjoy what should be a time that is as exciting as it is scary.  We really could end up anywhere… and I think Bill is going to do well if he manages to get his foot in the door.  So if you have any spare good vibes this week, send 'em his way.  I'd like him to have a better exit from the Army than he did before.  I like the idea of "do-overs"… and if anyone deserves one, it's him.  I know some people who read this blog might disagree, but anyone who actually knows Bill knows he's a great guy.

By the way, I've been reading a book about Betty Broderick, the crazy wife of Daniel Broderick.  You may remember her story from Meredith Baxter's famously over the top portrayal of her in a movie of the week.  The book was supposedly from eldest daughter Kim's perspective.  I think it was poorly ghostwritten though… the woman who wrote the story definitely needed an experienced editor.  In any case, it makes me realize how bad things could have been for Bill.  At least his ex wife leaves us alone.



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