Saturday, April 12, 2014


Don't mix toilet cleaner with bleach.  I accidentally did this yesterday, while trying to clean the toilet.  We have some bleach that comes in a bottle that looks like the same one toilet cleaner comes in.  I grabbed the bleach bottle and dumped it in the commode.  Then I realized what I'd done and poured in toilet cleaner after it.

Immediately, the blue dye in the toilet cleaner vanished and there were terrible fumes.  I immediately flushed the toilet.  I had to flush several times before there were no more fumes.  Bill looked it up and it turns out I made chlorine gas which could have been harmful had I not thought fast.



Chemistry was never my strong suit.  On the other hand, it's marginally cool that I accidentally made a chemical weapon in the toilet.


  1. You've become a chemist. Congratulations! Today, chlorine gas. Tomorrow, perhaps LSD. Just kidding. Seriously, I'm glad you didn't explode the house or make toxic fumes that killed you.

    1. Yeah, no kidding! I will be more careful next time.


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