Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Offensive Facebook "friends"...

I unfriended a Facebook contact today.  I think he got added courtesy of a beer drinking group I'm in.  I wasn't actually friends with him.  From what I could see, he lived in New Zealand.  For a Kiwi, he was quite antagonistic.

I posted about Clayton Lockett, the guy whose execution was botched in Oklahoma yesterday.  This guy from New Zealand made a rather flippant comment.  I tolerated his comments for awhile.  It's not generally my policy to unfriend people who simply disagree with me, even if I find the way they disagree rude.  I decided to unfriend him when he told one of my real life friends to go fuck himself.  It started to feel like the New Zealander was being a troll, so I figured it would be best to "sever" the friendship as it were.

This was all going on as Bill and I were eating lunch at an Olive Garden.  I don't generally make a habit of eating at the Olive Garden.  One reason I don't eat there has to do with the fact that I've enjoyed real Italian food.  A second reason is because I've come to hate American chain restaurants.  The portions are too big and the servers are too solicitous and fake.  The third reason is because I once fainted in an Olive Garden.  Back in 1993, I was with my underage cousin and her friends and I suddenly got a stomachache.  I was trying to get out of the booth to get to the bathroom and ended up passing out.  It was very embarrassing.  An ambulance was called and everything.  I think I got a mild concussion from hitting my head on the floor.

Anyway, we went today because we had gift cards, which we didn't end up using because the value of the gift card was much more than the value of the lunch and we figured it would be better to use it for dinner sometime.

After lunch, we were on the way home and I asked Bill what he loves about me.  He said, "I love your irreverent sense of humor.  And I love that you're so goddamn smart!  Remember, I used to be married to an idiot!"

I thought about it for a moment and said, "If you were married to an idiot, then anyone you could have married would have looked 'goddamn smart' in comparison."  By the way, I don't disagree that ex is an idiot.  She has proven her idiocy and lunacy on multiple occasions.

On the subject of offensive people, I was reading RfM today and ran across the big brouhaha about Hermana Brookie and the poor guy, Leonard, that she helped baptize into Mormonism.  If you're interested, have a look…  I gotta say, I don't generally follow missionary blogs, but Hermana Brook's was a doozy.  If you ever needed an example of someone who doesn't think before she expresses herself, her now defunct blog might be a good one to read.  What I found most disturbing, though, wasn't so much the rude comments she was making about Leonard.  It was the pervasive attitude coming through loud and clear that she thinks her religious beliefs make her more special and powerful than the average person.  I know this is what some churches teach their followers… it's part of the hook that keeps people drinking the Kool-Aid… but to be someone of such obviously normal intelligence and yet be so clueless is really scary.  This lady is 22 years old and she thinks believing in Joseph Smith's fraud makes her somehow more evolved than everyone else is.

Speaking of annoying people… Marie Osmond just came on TV to pitch Nutrisystem.  I'd like her to get off my TV.  But would I rather watch her or Jillian Michaels?  I think Marie might win that round…  Jillian is way more irritating in my view.

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