Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Off he goes!

Bill left early this morning to catch a non-stop flight to New York City.  He doesn't have anything going on tonight, so I told him he should go to Eataly, which is a really neat gourmet food store that has a location in New York.  Bill and I visited the very first Eataly in Torino, Italy when we were on our first trip to Italy together in 2008.  I can't believe how many times we've been lucky enough to get to go to Italy… and other places in Europe, for that matter.

Last night, I watched 19 Kids and Counting.  I shouldn't watch that show because Jim Boob Duggar makes me want to get violent.  He's just such a thoughtless jerk and a bully.  On last night's episode, he brought his huge ass family to Josh and Anna's house in the DC area.  Anna was tasked with cooking dinner for 25 people, which is no easy feat.  Naturally, Jim Boob calls and tells her they will be early, since there was bad weather.

Now… I am pretty certain this was all contrived and, in fact, Anna probably had some help.  And they did add a teaser that probably got people to watch an otherwise boring episode by making it sound like she was going to announce another pregnancy… Josh said Anna had "surprising news", which turned out to be Ma and Pa Duggar's early arrival.  And, of course, Anna burns something, which makes the smoke alarm go off.  Actually, I didn't see that much smoke coming out of the oven and I got the sense that perhaps a "special effects" person made the alarm go off.  At the very least, it seemed very contrived and didn't really put Anna in the most flattering light.

The episode following was a rerun of the mini golf date Jim Boob and Michelle put poor Jessa and Ben through.  Boob comes off like such a massive asshole in that episode, putting the poor lad through the wringer and inserting himself like a vagina blocker.  Meanwhile, Michelle talks in her baby voice… and continually explains to the obviously stupid viewers what "courtship" is.  Duh.

I had stopped watching this show sometime ago, but got back into it when there were new courtships.  Now I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have quit watching Glee.

I don't like it when Bill goes on business trips, but this one is kind of exciting.  I hope it goes well for him.  It's really gratifying to see him so confident and motivated.  He's come a long way since our first in person meeting in 2001.

I remember that very first date.  He showed up at my apartment in South Carolina, wearing khaki pants and a 90s era button down… you know the kind-- cotton and patterned!  I used to sell those shirts in a menswear store in the 90s.  They were kind of fashionable in 1994-- usually boldly colored with paisleys or stripes on them.  By 2001, they were out of style.  I suspect that was another one of the ex's yard sale finds.  He was visibly nervous about meeting me.  And yet, when I opened the door, the first thing I noticed were his big blue eyes and his very kind face.  He gave me a big hug and it was very comfortable.

The date ended early because Bill had to go to work the next morning.  He had come to South Carolina on business.  I wasn't sure about how I felt about him.  I remember him saying it would be hard to go back to just typing after that date.  We had another date before he left to go back to Kansas, where he was posted at the time.  He got moved early to Virginia, which facilitated our ability to date.  So date we did… and the rest is history.

Right now kind of feels a little like that time.  Life is changing again, but I think it's going to be okay.  But I probably ought to stop watching the Duggars.

Bill posted this to illustrate how he's feeling.  I think it's spot on… and one of the more entertaining ads I've seen in a long while...

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