Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm not into cubicles...

This was taken in North Carolina.  I don't know what I said to make Bill smile like this.

Tonight, I posted a funny picture of Bill and asked friends to caption it.  A friend wrote "You go use those fancy degrees and get a job!"

I have to admit, that comment kind of hurt.  You see, I graduated from grad school twelve years ago.  And while I learned a lot and got a lot of experience, in reality, I can't imagine that a lot of employers will think my time in grad school is relevant since I've been a housewife for almost twelve years.  My friend didn't mean to hurt my feelings.  I just don't think she quite understands the plight of career oriented military wives.  Her husband is retired Army, but she married him at the end of his career and never had to uproot the way most military spouses do.  Some are lucky to have jobs that are portable or bosses who don't mind remote work.  I didn't, though writing has become my de facto job.  I do make money doing what I do, but not nearly as much as I could if I were using my "fancy degrees".

Anyway, there was a time when I considered myself traditionally career oriented.  I certainly never would have gone to grad school if it weren't my aim to get a 8-5 "real job".  I'd prefer not to owe tens of thousands of dollars for degrees I don't use.  When I asked my friend who she thought would hire me, she said she didn't know… which kind of made things worse.  Yes, I could get a job if I wanted a job.  But it's not likely it would be the kind of work that would pay enough to be worthwhile for me.  In fairness, I admit I haven't been looking lately.

Bill is a sweetheart, though, and he left a long comment explaining that he's fine with how things are.  I know I'm lucky.  A lot of guys are not nearly as kind or understanding.  He also knows that I hate cubicles.  

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