Saturday, April 26, 2014

If you're going to stage dive into a crowd...

make sure someone is prepared to catch you!  I'm guessing the guy in the above video didn't have such a good afternoon.  He just went "splat"!

Yesterday, I was watching School of Rock and Jack Black was playing a frustrated rock star who poses as a teacher at a private school.  Since he doesn't know the first thing about teaching kids, he starts teaching the kids about rock music and they eventually end up playing a concert.  He successfully stage dives and it's an epic moment… kind of like this classic ad he did for Nickelodeon.  Obviously, Jack Black is a frustrated rock star at heart.

Watching that scene reminded me of an incident at my college back in the early 90s.  I was at a fraternity party.  It was held in a big party room on campus, because it was a fundraiser for a philanthropy.  Every year, Tau Kappa Epsilon threw what was known as the "Safe Sex" party.  They sold t-shirts.

Anyway, that particular year, there was a stage in the party room.  Some guy got the bright idea to do a stage dive.  Apparently, people knew he was going to do it.  Unfortunately, he decided to throw in a flip at the last minute…  Think about it.  Dark room.  Loud music.  Drunk people.  Stage diving.  You might guess that it was a disaster.  It was.

I mentioned this incident on Facebook and one of the guy's fraternity brothers (and a friend of mine) piped up and said people weren't expecting the flip and moved out of the way when they saw the guy coming at them feet first.  Instead of catching the fun loving frat boy, the crowd parted like the Red Sea.  Let me just say, he hit the floor with a sickening thud and the party was pretty much over after that.  An ambulance came, but I didn't stick around to watch the aftermath of that disastrous stage dive.

This is not something I ever had any desire to do…

I worked at a church camp around the same time period and couldn't even bring myself to do "trust falls"…  Some of my colleagues were happy to do them off of picnic tables, but I couldn't even do it on the ground.  There was just too much of a chance my trust would be misplaced and I'd end up with busted teeth and a concussion like my friend's fraternity brother.  I'm grateful to have a healthy sense of self preservation.


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