Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot for teacher...

Yet another teacher has taken advantage of her position by allegedly having sex with a student.  This time, it's Jennifer Fichter, a 29 year old English teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland, Florida.  Fichter supposedly told the mother of a 17 year old boy that she and the boy had been having an ongoing affair.  Mom caught wind of the relationship when she intercepted text messages on her son's phone.  She asked the teacher to come by her house for a "talk".

Fichter spoke on the phone with the young man's mom and confessed that the two had had sex 20 to 30 times since last November.  They also had sex in the teacher's pickup.  Worse, the teacher had also had an abortion after getting pregnant by her student.  She claimed to "love" the boy, who was her student, and hoped for a relationship.

Police recorded the phone call, so now Fichter is behind bars.  She was arrested at her apartment about 90 minutes after the phone call.  

It's always interesting to read the comments people leave after a story like this one breaks.  When it's a male adult with a female teenager, people are generally outraged.  When it's the other way around, there are usually a lot of jokey comments, depending on how pretty the adult female is.  In this case, the teacher appears to be attractive, so a lot of guys are saying they'd "hit that".  Very few are commenting about how inappropriate and unprofessional it is for adults to be having sex with minors, especially when the adult is in a position of trust.  I don't know what it is about some people with this reptilian mindset.

I don't have any kids myself, but I think I'd be pretty outraged about this.  While female predators are less common statistically speaking than male predators are, it's still distressing when it happens.  If she'd kept her baby, there's no telling what might have happened.  The boy might have wound up having to pay child support… although if I were that boy's mother, I'd be pushing for custody.

Naturally, this teacher is now suspended and will likely be terminated, but those are the least of her problems now.  I suspect she's going to go to the clink for awhile, though naturally she'll spend less time there than she would if she were a man.  I don't know if this will ultimately turn out like the Mary Kay LeTourneau case, with the couple getting married once the young man comes of age.  Somehow, I doubt it.  Teacher seems immature and mixed up.  Student seems like a young man on the cusp of adulthood who will eventually move on to someone more appropriate.  What a waste.    

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