Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dying on Easter...

I found out this morning that my sister-in-law's wife died this morning.  I did not know her well.  We met once in early 2010, when Bill and I visited his father and stepmother in Tennessee.  Bill's sister had recently married her wife, Michele, and the two of them came over and showed us their wedding video.  Unfortunately, we were not able to attend their ceremony, because it took place right after we got back to the States from Germany and we were in the middle of moving.

After seeing the photos, I wished I was able to attend the wedding.  It looked like a really nice ceremony.

Beyond that, I didn't know Angela and Michele very well as a couple.  I only knew what I saw on Facebook.  Back in October, Michele got very sick and landed in the hospital.  It turned out she had pancreatic cancer.  

A few days ago, Michele got very sick again and went to the emergency room.  She died early this morning.  I told Bill as he was waking up and he said "What a symbolic day to die."  

I'm not a particularly religious person and won't be doing anything special today.  I have noticed, though, that a lot of my friends are posting about Easter and how we should be rejoicing because it's the day Christ rose from the dead.  Given that, maybe it's special to die on Easter.

Easter is also important to Bill and me because his ex wife asked for a divorce on Easter fourteen years ago.  I like to think of it as the day Bill's life rose from the dead.  

I visited the eye doctor yesterday and she said that based on the condition of the blood vessels in my eyes, it looked like maybe my blood pressure is up.  That means I probably need to visit a doctor soon.  




  1. I don't know yet about eye conditions and blood pressure, but can a doctor tell if there's a chronic blood pressure issue vs. white coat hypertension simply by viewing the eyes with instrument, or would elevated blood pressure at the moment produce those same observable symptoms?

    1. She said the blood vessels in my eyes looked like I might have high blood pressure. She also says I have a freckle in my eye.

  2. My uncle just told me that capillaries often thicken or burst with high blood pressure, and that the eye is the only place capillaries can be viewed without an invasive procedure. I'm glad you plan to see a doctor very soon.

    1. Yeah, I know I need to. It will require working up the nerve because I suspect once I visit the doctor, it will turn into them wanting me to have all the tests I've been avoiding.


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