Monday, March 5, 2012

Pat Boone and daughter Debby both pitching products to old folks...

I find Christian singer and former teen idol Pat Boone fascinating.  It started when I was a teenager and had an odd obsession with eating disorders.  I read his eldest daughter Cherry's book Starving for Attention, which was really about her bout with anorexia nervosa, but also had lots of information about what it's like to be Pat Boone's daughter.  Having grown up in the shadow of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, I heard a lot about Pat Boone and his ilk when I was growing up.

Later, I read Debby Boone's vastly inferior book So Far, which was a book about what it was like to be Debby Boone... and Pat Boone's daughter.  In that book, I learned that though Debby Boone is a pretty woman with a pretty voice, she doesn't have the most pleasant personality.  And Pat Boone got her back for that by spanking her until she was a legal adult!

Imagine my surprise a few months ago when Pat Boone started showing up on commercials pitching everything from gold to reverse mortgages to special bathtubs for people with mobility issues.  I noticed he was looking a bit pickled.  Must be from all that clean livin' and trying to convince everyone that Obama was really born in Kenya.

It's all kind of a far cry from Pat Boone's stab at heavy metal...

Or even his teen idol heydays... I can't believe teenagers really did used to swoon over him...

Not to be outdone by her father, Debby Boone has recently started showing up pitching "Lifestyle Lifts"...

 She uses her one big hit "You Light Up My Life", a song that was originally recorded by another singer for a movie by the same name.  Debby recorded it, claimed it was really about God, and then years later re-recorded it to pitch Lifestyle Lifts.  Oh well... I guess she needs to make a living like everyone else does.  I just can't believe she's that old... but I shouldn't be surprised having seen her dad.

Incidentally, the Boone girls still occasionally perform.  This is a clip from a performance they did in 2008. Notice how pissy Debby gets when Cherry accidentally tries to sing too early.  Nice.


  1. I thought my aunt and I were the only two people on the Earth who read Debby Boone's pitiful excuse for an autobiography. My aunt had a Boone family fixation and bought all the books they wrote, and she bought ccpies for my mom as well, although my mom had little interest. My mom just stuck them in her library. I used to get sent to time out in my parents' library, and I spent a fair amount of time in time out as a kid, so once I read all my mom's books about the Kennedys, I moved on to the Boone section.

    Pat Boone must have had a major spanking fetish. There is no other logical explanation. They're all weirder than hell except maybe Laury, the youngest girl. The dynamics of the family were bizarre at best. In "A Miracle a Day Keeps the Devil Away," which Pat wrote, he cited as one of his "miracles" the cure of Cherry's "mysterious ailment." The "mysterious ailment" turned out to be anorexia, and she was far from cured from it when Pat wrote his book about miracles.

    A relative of a relative taught at Pepperdine and moves in the same circles as Pat Boone but isn't an actual friend of his. This person talked about a party he attended where he was seated at a table with Pat Boone. This was probably about nine years ago. Pat's grandson had been critically injured in a fall a year or two earlier and had sustained a majorly traumatic brain injury. All Pat talked about at the party, my relative's relative said, was faith healing. Pat's wife, Shirley, wasn't in attendance at the party, reportedly because she was suffering from some sort of mental illness, and allegedly wasn't leaving her bedroom. She's since recovered, my relative's relative said.

    Regarding the clip of the Boone sisters singing, I've seen multiple videos of them singing that same Billy Gilman song in multiple settings. I wonder if it's the only song they know how to sing together anymore.


  2. LOL... Guess again. You and your aunt are not the only ones. I actually reviewed Debby's book on Epinions and you would not believe the number of people who have read that review. I've more than made back the money I spent on a used copy of her book... which she had the audacity to write when she was only 25 years old! I thought Cherry's book was much better and more informative than Debby's was.

    As for Pat, it doesn't surprise me that he's a bit weird. I remember being in the public library in Farmville, VA and seeing his book "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" on the shelf. I thumbed through it and it was like reading a written version of one of those hygiene films they used to show on the film projector at school... You're probably too young for that experience, though! If you go on YouTube and search for old hygiene films, you'll see what I mean!


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