Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone's obsessed with the Hoveround guy...

Ever since I posted about Hoveround, titling my post with that silly song the big black guy in the chair sings, my blog has come alive with hits.  And I just wonder, is everybody searching for Hoveround because they think that commercial is as bizarre and annoying as I do?  Seriously... that one search term brings ten times as many hits to my blog as any other does.  I guess people are disappointed when they hit my blog and don't find it, since most of them only stick around for a second.

I finally found the actual ad with the singing black guy...  I don't understand why they play the commercial jingle music that doesn't match his song at the end.  It seems kind of slipshod and sloppy...

One guy plays a prank on Hoveround... here's what happens when you call 'em for info.

I'm not sure if the Hoveround singing black guy actually stimulates sales, but I guess his song is catchy enough.  Based on the hits on my blog, lots of people want to know more about it!

In fact, this particular Hoveround ad just came on as I posted this...  They're really gunning for business!


  1. Hi Im Michel LeLand aka the big black guy singing in hooveround commercial
    you might like this.

  2. Seriously, the people who make Hoveround ads should know that your song is drawing attention to their product! I guess you did a good job!

  3. I have to mute the commercial when it comes on. It's just so damn pathetic.

  4. you watch too much tv both of you! dont be afraid to go for a walk, read a book, dont fill your life hating on people on the internet, its not dignified

  5. Thanks for your input, though I do consider myself quite well read and I take several walks every day. I will admit that I probably do watch too much TV; but that's my business, not yours.

  6. Michael your song is a 4 second hit, you may follow Luther Vandross pathway soon... You have a good clean voice and I pray God heals you and you should use your voice for Him... I am Pastor Ken


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